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Hannah was silent on the way back to DuCaine City. She sat in the back, not in her normal position up front, right next to Mallory. She starred at the floor, every now and then shooting a glance at the clouds, and the ducks seemed worried.

Even when they got back in the Ready Room, and they were all sitting down, she only said a few things, and she wasn't normally as cheerful as she usually was after defeating a bad guy. And She kept looking at a picture of herself and the mighty ducks. In fact, she hadn't let go of the picture since Dark Chaos,Sky Storm,Jewel Typhoon were sent to prison.

"Hi Guys."

The thirteen ducks heads turned to the front, where Sparrowe breezed in, a gift in her hand.

"What now, Sparrowe?" WildWing asked, annoyed.

"Nosedive! Just the duck I wanted to see!"

Lucretia rolled her eyes and looked at Hannah, who gave her a small smile.

"So, there's this gift, right? And it's for Hannah for her birthday and I wanted to give it to Hannah."

Okay, Sparrowe." Duke exclaimed. "Just put the gift down and join in on the fun."

"Maybe later," Sparrowe said, walking towards the elevator.

"There's not going to be a later!" Natalie cried. "It's not or never!"

"Then I guess it would be a now," Sparrowe said, laughing.

Sparrowe raced after Wildwing. "WildWing! Buddy! Come on, the trip is just for a few days."

"Sparrowe, I said no," WildWing was saying, sitting with the ducks and watching a movie.

"But it's gonna be a lot of fun!" Sparrowe argued, waving a picture of Angel Grove.

WildWing grabbed the picture and looked at it. He sighed. "How long is this trip going to take Sparrowe?"

"Just a few days at the most," Sparrowe said.

Hannah's eyes widened. "A few days?"

"It's okay Hannah you're coming with us as well."

Hannah jumped and held back the urge to scream. She looked behind him and saw Duke and Falcone standing there. Duke had a smirk on his face and Falcone's arms were crossed in front of his chest. Nosedive was looking concern towards Hannah.

"Wait 'till Tanya hears about this..." DarkFlame said.

"I don't care," Hannah replied, shaking her head. She slumped and walked the two stunned ducks. "We're just going away on a trip that's all."

DarkFlame looked at Nosedive, who shrugged.

"What just happened?" Duke asked Falcone.

Falcone shook his head. "Something is wrong with Hannah."

Sparrowe's tears of excitement brought their attention back to her, while WildWing walked out, Sparrowe followed quickly, already on the phone

"Hello? Serene? We'll be there on Friday."

Falcone looked at WildWing. "Did you just agree with my sister?" he ask WildWing, pointing at Sparrowe.

WildWing nodded. "Yeah. But I told no more after that."

"Hey uh... WildWing?"

The white mallard turned to Canard.

"Um... I think we might want to talk to Hannah."

WildWing looked a little bit worried. "Why? Is she okay? Where is she?"

"I don't know..." Canard said quietly. "She was listening to you a Sparrowe and then when she heard that we were leaving for a few days, she walked off."

"She has been quiet lately since we defea- defea- got back..." Tanya interjected.

"And no one knows where she's at?" WildWing asked.

 The others shook their heads. WildWing nodded and took off out of the Ready Room.

"Where are you going?" Falcone called after him.

"She's my sister and our friend!" WildWing called over his shoulder. "I know where she went!"

33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33

Hannah sighed as the evening wind blew across her. She put her hood over her head and closed her eyes shut. She watched as thesun set, making the sky look like something out of a painting.

Around the bright orb, it was a flaming orange, which gently turned into a pink color. As the pink faded away, a light purple overtook it, where it began to darken into a deep plumb color, making the stars come out of hiding. Behind her, it was the dark blue-black of night.

She shivered a little as the wind nipped at her. Her hood didn't even keep her warm.

"Nice out here, huh?"

Hannah turned around and saw the ducks and Natalie and Crystal leaning against the Migrator they used to get here. Hannah wondered how she didn't hear the Migrator approaching her. Still, she nodded.

The ducks walked up and sat down next to her. "What's wrong, Hannah?"

Hannah offered her friends a smile. "Nothing. Why, is something wrong guys?"

The ducks didn't say anything, but starred straight ahead. When They looked away, they saw Hannah watching them. The little duck looked away quickly.

"Okay, Hannah," Lucretia Sighed. "Spill it."

Hannah raised her hood back onto her head and mumbled something.


"I'm Scared..."

The Ducks were caught off-guard. Whatever They were expecting, it wasn't that...

"I don' want you guys to go to Angel Grove..." Hannah whispered. She looked at the Ducks out of the corner of her eye.

The ducks were confused and DarkFlame asked. "Hannah, What're you-"

"I want you guys to stay here..." Hannah interrupted them. "No matter how hard I tried. And when I heard that you guys were leaving... and I couldn't stop you... it all happened by surprise. You were leaving... and I was going to be alone and I don't want to be alone..."

The Ducks now understood. "But we didn't say we were going without you," Mallory said.

"But what if you guys did?"

"But we didn't, And th-"

Hannah shook her head angrily. "No. You were going to leave without me; Natalie said so. Sparrowe made you guys leave, and if you left..." Hannah's voice cracked slightly. "I would be all alone."


The Ducks gave Hannah a big group hug and calmed her down.

"You guys would've left me all alone..."

The ducks helped her calm down a little more. "We weren't going to leave without you, Hannah. We were planning on bringing you with us to Angel Grove."

Hannah sniffled and shook her head angrily. "No. You guys were just like everyone here on PuckWorld. Once we go somewhere, you guys go without me... and I'm all alone.

The ducks were silent, knowing that Hannah wasn't finished yet.

"You're never alone..."

"But today I almost was! And no one would be with me! And I never wanted to be alone alone anymore, and... I don't want it to happen, Guys! And if you guys did leave, then I might not have someone to play hockey with! And now you guys are going away without me for a few days, right after we stopped Dark Chaos,Sky Storm,Jewel Typhoon! So it's basically like I'm going to be alone anyways!"

The ducks held their shaking friend closer as tears poured from the girls eyes. It was a while before she spoke. Lucretia lifted Hannah's head and made her look her in the eyes.

"Hannah, listen to us," she said, sternly, but gently. Hannah looked at her with wide, teary eyes. "As long as evil is around, you're never alone whether we stop evil or when we go somewhere."

Hannah's eyes filled with new tears, but she didn't look away. Lucretia continued. "And we'll always be together. And We promise you, that no matter what happens, you'll never be alone. Ever. got it?"

Hannah nodded. "Promise?" she whispered.

Lucretia took her finger and wiped the tears from Hannah's face and eyes. "Promise," she said firmly.

Hannah calmed down for a moment and then the ducks gave Hannah a group hug. Hannah hugged them back, just as fiery. After a few minutes, they broke away.

The purple haired mallard looked at her sister. "Maybe you can come with us to Angel Grove..." she said thoughtfully. Hannah grinned a little.


Mallory nodded. "Sure. After all like you said birds of a feather stick together and we would never go anywhere without you Hannah."

Hannah's smile grew wider. "Thanks, guys." she said.

Tanya tickled her a little. "No p...p...problem,Hannah."

Falcone's com went off. He quickly flipped it open. Sparrowe was on the other end.

"Hello, Falcone!" she said, looking worried. "You've been gone for a long time. Were you able to find Hannah?"

Falcone nodded. "Yes, we found her. She is safe."

Sparrowe visibly relaxed. "Good. I was getting worried."

"It is safe. I guess we lost track of time."

Hannah noticed that the sun was gone, stars taking it's place instead. The colorful sky has been pushed up and out as darkness took over.

"Hey since we're going to Angel Grove, how about we head back to the pond and start packing for the trip?" Duke asked the others.

"Yes Duke, that sounds like a good idea."

"Right Falcone. We'll be on our way Sparrowe. Duke out."

The ducks headed back to the pond and started packing for their trip to Angel Grove. Hannah finished packing and the others helped her put her things in the Migrator. She got in and the others got in as well. They got to Angel Grove.

"What do you want to do Hannah?" Canard asked as he turned off the engine. They got out of the Migrator. Hannah came out of the Migrator as well.

"Can we go and see my old friends?"

"Sure thing Hannah,Sure thing."


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